Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A milestone : Nandini Sahai in seminar on RTI July 2, 2006, Hotel Capitol Hill, Ranchi
on dias- Mr. AA Khan, VC, Ranchi University, Mr. T. Nandkumar, Senior IAS, Mr. Raghuvar Das, Minister for Finance and Urban Development, Mr. Mukhtiyar Singh, Senior IAS
The Seminar was organised by Vishnu Rajgadia, on behalf of Prabhat Khabar


Nandini Sahai joins as Director & Chief Executive of The International Centre, Goa Nandini Sahai joined as the Director & Chief Executive of The International Centre, Goa (ICG) last week. She is the fourth, as well as the first woman Director of the International Centre, Goa. Her vision is to make ICG into a completely holistic place of international standards, where ideational as well as other activities take place in a world class ambience. Nandini Sahai has been a distinguished development journalist with more than 30 years of experience having started her career with the Press Institute of India. For her, journalism was not a profession but a passion and a powerful tool for social development. She founded MICCI (Media Information and Communication Centre of India) with the support of some like-minded academicians, bureaucrats, media and communication experts, and was also the Country Manager of AMIC-India, a subsidiary of AMIC (Asian Media and Information Centre), a Singapore-based International NGO working in media related issues. She is one of the leading Right to Information (RTI) advocates having organized a number of public hearings, seminars and workshops for the RTI movement in India & Sri Lanka and has also worked closely with Magsaysay Award winner Aruna Roy. She was also the member of the Select Committee in formulating the RTI Act for the Delhi Government. Her two advocacy workshops, one on 'Contempt of Court' where Truth was made as defence and another on the 'Broadcasting Bill' where the Government stalled the Bill and formed the NBA (National Broadcasting Association) to formulate the Content Code, have been path breaking. She has also worked closely on a number of issues relating to Media, Social Development, Disaster Management, Rural Journalism and the Judiciary, with international organisations such as UNESCO, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) - India, (AIBD) (Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development, Malaysia), the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT) on issues of Torture and Human Rights. She has organised several seminars with senior media persons from India and South Asia on issues of media and public interest in South Asia. She is widely travelled and has also addressed a seminar in Stanford University, USA, on the benefits of Community Radio. Her family consists of her two children who are working in Delhi. In her free time she likes to read and listen to music. Thanks and regards, Arjun Halarnkar
Programme Manager
The International Centre, Goa
Goa University Road, Dona Paula, Goa 403004
INDIA Tel: +91 832 2452805-10 Fax: +91 832 2452812
Cell: +91 9765404391

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


You are cordially invited to attend Regional Seminar on Converting Electoral Democracy into Participatory Democracy: Role of RTI Organised by Media Information and Communication Centre of India (MICCI), Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) and Jharkhand RTI Forum 10-12 October 2009, at 9.30 am, Hotel Chinar, Main Road, Ranchi 50 Citizens of Jharkhand will also be Honoured with RTI Citizen Award during the Seminar RSVP Dr. Vishnu Rajgadia, State Chapter Head, MICCI Balram, President, Jharkhand RTI Forum

Monday, October 5, 2009

पचास नागरिकों को आरटीआइ सिटीजन अवार्ड विष्णु राजगढ़िया झारखंड आरटीआइ फोरम ने आरटीआइ सिटीजन अवार्ड के लिए पचास नागरिकों का चयन किया है। इन्हें सूचनाधिकार की चैथी वर्षगांठ पर आरटीआइ सप्ताह के दौरान 11 अक्तूबर 2009 को होटल चिनार, रांची में सम्मानित किया जायेगा। इनमें कई पूर्व विधायक, पूर्व सांसद व पूर्व मंत्री भी शामिल हैं। सूची इस प्रकार है- श्री रमेंद्र कुमार, श्री सरयू राय, श्री रामचंद्र केसरी, श्री विनोद कुमार सिंह, श्री अरूप चटर्जी, श्री लक्ष्मण गिलुआ, श्री गंगा टाना भगत, श्री रामजीलाल सारडा, श्री विक्की कुमार, सुश्री रंजू कुमारी, श्री प्रकाशचंद्र चंदन, श्री कृपासिंधु बच्चन, मो. अनवर, श्रीमती सावित्री देवी, श्री बिंदुभूषण दुबे, श्री बुधु सिंह, श्रीमती आशा देवी, श्री दीपक लोहिया, श्री राणा प्रताप, डाॅ पीसी राम, श्री रामानुज प्रसाद, श्री अमरेंद्र कुमार, श्री सुनील महतो, श्री अमित झा, श्री प्रकाष हेतमसरिया, श्री कमल अग्रवाल, श्री विनोद ठाकुर, श्री संदीप आनंद, श्री कृष्ण मुरारी शर्मा, श्री अरूण कुमार सिंह, श्री ललित बाजला, श्री एके जैन, श्री रंजीत कुमार सिंह, श्री राजकुमार मुरारका, श्री रणधीर निधि, श्री संजीत अग्रवाल, श्री शशिभूषण पाठक, श्री कुंदन गोप, ओमप्रकाश चैधरी, श्री मनोज नारसरिया, मोहम्मद जफर आलम, श्री ओमप्रकाश पाठक, श्री आरके नीरद, श्री आनंद किशोर पंडा, श्री श्यामबली प्रसाद, श्री जयसिंह पूर्ति, श्री सुखलाल, श्री केदारनाथ लाल दास, श्री देवनंदन प्रसाद, श्री संजय नगदुआर।